The Centre for Agri-Food Systems (CRAFS) brings together researchers and expertise from a variety of disciplines across the University of Malawi and a wide range of stakeholders, from industry, and private and public institutions, to drive research in important themes within agri-food systems. CRAFS is funded by the World Bank, through the Government of Malawi, under the Eastern and Southern Africa Higher Education Centres of Excellence Additional Financing (ACE II AF) project.

Key Gap Areas
High Post-harvest Loses and Limited Capacity in Food Science & Value Addition.
Weak Information Systems, Data Analytics & Use.
Limited Contextualization of Climate Models and Early Warning Systems.
Limited Information on Farm-scale Water Availability & Soil Nutrition.
Low Community Resilience and Adaptation to Climate Variability & Adverse Events.


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Partnerships are important, they take UNIMA in the right direction towards its contribution to Malawi’s Vision and the University’s 2022 – 2027 Strategic Plan, which includes increasing access to higher education. Partnerships allow the UNIMA to offer joint degree programmes with other universities, strengthen exchange students and staff programmes, and adhere to international standards of research and innovation, which are crucial to high-standard university education. Read More


CRAFS has an internship programme. As of the 1st of October 2023, the Centre has four interns who recently graduated from the University of Malawi with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, a Bachelor of Science in Computer Network Engineering, and a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems degree. The interns work as software developers for the Centre. Read More

Graduate Studies

Want to advance in your job,career and boost your professional prospects? Whatever your reason, having a postgraduate degree is a testament to your knowledge, expertise, and prowess in self-management. Read More


CRAFS also offer scholarships for students in the region and the continent. Currently, the Centre has nine students on scholarship, six Masters and three PhD students from Mozambique and Kenya. The Master's scholarship is for two years, and PhD is for three years. Read More

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Welcome to a student experience like no other, where you'll discover new horizons and create lasting memories that shape your future. Read More

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