Postgraduate Programmes


Our range of postgraduate courses includes taught Masters programmes encompassing mathematical, earth and social sciences, food science, data science, informatics and computing, as well as by research in chemistry and biological sciences and PhD opportunities in our academic departments.

Our taught postgraduate courses focus on the fundamental principles, and how these can be applied to the key areas required for attaining resilient agri-food systems

Postgraduate Programmes


PhD in Biostatistics

These programmes are aimed at producing a highly trained cadre of individuals who will contribute to knowledge generation in the fields of Statistics and Biostatistics Read More

PhD in Biological Sciences

The PhD in Biological Sciences aims to produce experts in Biological Sciences who contributes to knowledge generation and lead in providing life sciences solutions to challenges. The programme delivers sufficient breadth and specialization in several biological sciences to effectively help the country tackle biological and environment-related problems in a holistic and multi-faceted manner, thereby contributing to the sustainable development of Malawi and the SADC region. Read More

Master of Science in Biological Sciences

This programme builds capacity in biological sciences for key sectors such as the environment, water, climate, health and rural development. The programme has a duration of 2 years. Read More

Master of Science in Applied Chemistry

This programme offers a specialised MSc degree in a field that underpins the application of chemistry and chemical applications. The programme has a duration of 2 years. Read More

Master of Science in Geography and Earth Sciences

The programme trains individuals to address capacity needs in crosscutting issues affecting our society such as mining, climate and environmental change among others. The programme has a duration of 2 years. Read More